Twenty-Second Sunday after Pentecost (October 16, 2016)

Pontifical High Mass on October 30, 2016

Madonna and ChildThe Most Reverend Ronald W. Gainer, the Bishop of Harrisburg, will offer a Pontifical High Mass on Sunday, October 30, 2016 at the same time of 1:30 pm. All are warmly welcome to attend.

Flowers for Church

Altar Flowers for the main altar (2 vases) or the Blessed Mother or St. Joseph side altars can be ordered to celebrate a happy occasion, in thanksgiving, for a special intention, or to remember a loved one who has died. The cost per vase is $40.00. Call Deacon Marty or Becky at the rectory, 717-397-6921, to make arrangements.

Perpetual Adoration

If you would like to participate in Perpetual Adoration at St. Joseph’s, please call Becky Langan or Mary Ellen Gardner at the rectory, 717-397-6921. An open hour is presently available at 10:00 pm Sunday nights. Also, second adorers are needed at any hour.

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Bulletin for the Twenty-Second Sunday after Pentecost