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Our free e-Newsletter is published online bi-weekly with a complete round-up of events and stories from our community. Our community launched a bi-weekly e-newsletter in January 2017. It has been faithfully produced and edited by Carina Debakey with the support of the newsletter committee. The newsletter has even garnered praise from Latin Mass communities in other states for its fresh look and timely news. Although labor-intensive to create and maintain, it has been a significant and positive factor in strengthening our community’s bonds and identity since our relocation to St. Joseph church in August 2016. New articles and authors are always welcome!

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Newsletter Expansion

To expand our reach, our e-newsletter is now published on e-mailFacebookTwitter and Instagram!  If you are in a family where only one spouse gets the newsletter, please consider adding the other to ensure everyone get the latest news!  Adult children living at home are also encouraged to independently subscribe!


2019 Year in Review

2018 Year in Review